IPC 489 Section

Indian Penal Code IPC 489 Section PDF

IPC 489 – Tampering with property mark with intent to cause injury

Indian Penal Code IPC 489 Section

Whoever removes, destroys, defaces or adds to any property mark, intending or knowing it to be likely that he may thereby cause injury to any person, shall be punished with imprisonment of either description for a term which may extend to one year, or with fine, or with both.]


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What is IPC 489, Section 489 Indian Penal Code

Section IPC 489: Counterfeiting Currency Notes or Banknotes

  • IPC 489 makes it an offense to counterfeit, forge, or possess counterfeit currency notes or banknotes with the knowledge that they are counterfeit.
  • The term “counterfeit” refers to fake or fraudulent currency notes that are designed to resemble genuine currency notes and are used with the intent to deceive and defraud.
  • This section is aimed at preventing and punishing the counterfeiting of currency, which is a serious economic offense.

The punishment for offenses under IPC 489 varies based on the nature and seriousness of the offense. It can include imprisonment for a term that may extend to life imprisonment, a fine, or both.

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